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The SkyFox Den
Monday, 6 July 2009
Please Support Our Troops
This goes without saying. Anyone one knows me understands my concepts of this, have been in the army national guard myself for 2 years, alot of my friends gone marines, airfoce and so on. This is not the only reason I want everyone to support, let me explain. This really hit me when I was talking to former marine sergeant SSG Marc Bean. He was 8 year in Vietnam, shot 3 times and recieved two purple hearts and a bronze star. He has quite an impressive military carear. I happen  to have a POW-MIA tatto on  my arm which is what got him talking to me at the legion one day. He also told me that he was in fact a POW in Vietnam. This man is one of my greatest heros today. Hes around 76 in age and still gets up with me a 0430 and puts up flags around town on holidays. He started telling me how when he returned from Vietnam he would be spit on, harassed and said was almost arrested for going into the wrong bar or resturant because they did not alow military personel. This war protest bullshit has gone far enough. There is absolutley no point to protest the war. Do you think your fucking signs and pot-fested rally's is going to stop the enemy from sending a bullet into the chest of a man who VOLENTARALLY said, "yes I will give my life so others can be free?" As long as there are two people on earth there will be conflict, thus there will always be war. THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE ON EARTH. Though our main job as soldiers, marines, sailors, pilots and so on is to keep the peace, there will no matter what always be war. There will always be war. Lemme say that again ALWAYS BE WAR. People like sergeant bean, my battle buddies are going over with the thought they can die over there just because we believe its worth fighting for, and some body has to do the job. If I ever see somebody protest, or disrespect the country I will glady knock them the fuck out you have no right to do this. Heres the best thing you can do when you see a man in military uniform, its easy, simple, free......say thank you.

Posted by xskyfox at 12:56 AM EDT
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Friday, 26 June 2009
Becky Hartford your a genious
I have not written anything for a long time and I was gonna write about my arrested but fuck it. So we were going to go to concord for the movies it was shoe me becky julianne and chelsy. Me and my friend shoe got into the local rumor newpaper called the speakout. It wrote about our arrest and junk. So when shoe brought it up some one asked "What did it say?" Shoe was obviously goofing around and said "Oh its about how awesome I am, all the stuff i've done, like seriously how easy is it for someone to write about how awesome i am." We all clearly just laughed along with him, while becky chimes in and says "Who wrote it?" There was really nothing to say after that, it was one of the best idiot moments of becky's life. Yes becky, someone really wrote a whole article about how awesome shoe is in a local paper, your whisdom is inifinite. 

Posted by xskyfox at 1:36 PM EDT
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Friday, 10 April 2009
Im Drunk As A Skunk
Whats up people who read my site? Well Lets try and rant even though im just hammerd and figure Id write something. Oh, I know, this is perfect for the occasion. Through the years lets say I have "dabbled" with a few drugs, lemme tell you what, DONT FUCKING DO IT. That aside this is the rant, well two parts really. First part. I talk to alot of people that party and I mean alot. When ever I asked what they are doing its always, "OMG Im hammerd/drunk/trashed, or my favorite; Smammerd. I will also ask, you guys roast a J, a bowl what ever and they always say, "No I dont do drugs stupid." Lets get this straight, alchohol is a drug, sorry its true what you are drinking is a drug and is no different than any other illegal drug on the street so dont think your cool shit when all you do it drink cause your still doing a drug. Next point, weed verses booze. Lets just look at the facts. How many deaths per year are there from booze,? I dont even know but its alot. How many from weed? None. None to date. How addictive is booze, well it creates a disease called alchoholism and is fucking genetic, weed has no addictive properties at all. Do people smoke weed and get into car wrecks? Check the news, no. When people drink and drive others die, sorry its the facts. Does weed have medical benefits? Yes, cancer patients recieve it to relize pain and increase aptite and alow them to not feel sick, no medication on the market today can do this all at once, and everything else, IE morphine is highly addictive and terrible on the body. Weed cause peace, and relaxation, booze makes people beligerant and angry, causing fights, ruins poeple and familys. There is no medical benefits to booze what so ever. The DEA rates weed as a Schedual 1 drug, which states its highly addictive(even though tests prove its not what so ever) severly bad for health(except for temporary short term memory loss in extreme cases, its not bad at all)No medical use presented(its been used for medical purposes for years and still is being pushed for medicinal use today) and so on. Now weed obviously does not fit this, but think about booze, doesnt it fit it? If the DEA had just found booze, today, it would NEVER be legalized, also if they just found weed, it would be a medical break through. will add more later

Posted by xskyfox at 11:08 PM EDT
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Friday, 30 January 2009
National Deficit In Davids Words
This was inspired by David Smith who gave us a very funny video. Todays national debt is in the 10 trillion'ths. Not alot of people think about this though, lets look at it. How the fuck does a country, a fucking country get in debt. Its like the land bought a lottery ticket with like 300 percent interest. Like you and I can owe money to someone, but how the fuck does a country owe something? What the hell did we buy? Also, we definetly do not have the money to start with. Its like me borrowing 30 dollars, and attemping to give someone else 15, when I only had 25 to start with. In the other hand, why do we have money? I can grow tomatoes, you cant, you can grow tobacco, I cant. So I tried you tomatoes for tobacco. Though for some reason I deicided to give you paper in place of my tomatoes so you can collect them when there not there to begin with, and repeating the process.

Posted by xskyfox at 8:31 PM EST
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Sunday, 25 January 2009
Dip De' Derp' De' Do!
For a while now I have been dipping grizzly straight, good and cheap and its just all round good shit. Smokers fuck you. So I needed a cheaper dip, and what do you know, found it hiding in the confindes of joeys brothers house. Its called Rooster icy mint baby. This shit costs 1.79 at irving. Holy cheap. The tins are shitty, feels like old sting and tastes like dentine ice, just what I like baby. So next time you want to shove cut up bits of a cancer-causing plant into you mouth and suck on it, think of Roosters.  

Posted by xskyfox at 9:45 PM EST
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Sunday, 11 January 2009
Donuts be'ith, I'm lost.
For once, I had to think about something to bitch about. So I figure Ill talk about all your beloved Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee. First aspect, the shits not double brewed so thats the first lie. It sits there in big vats for 8 hours before we have to change it. So yea you can be drinking 8 hour old coffee and thats giving the fact we actually follow the rules and change it. When you get "extra extra," in your medium ice, thats six spoons of sugar and six "Squirts" of cream, which is like half a small hot cup of cream which is about pure fat. You drink more cream/sugar than you do coffee in that crap. Yes, my coffees I make at work at like the liquid of god and ask anybody its delicious, but like I stated, horrible for you. 

Posted by xskyfox at 7:54 PM EST
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Saturday, 10 January 2009
The resurrection of awesomeness


The resurrection of awesomeness

(My AIM: xFox34)

So, this is the continuation of a site I made many years ago. I will post an actual new post sometime next week because I have drill this weekend. Here are some articles I wrote years ago(they still kick ass)on the site I had before, which I lost the password hence the new site. A lot of crap I wrote is still the same hate inspired writing, but a lot does not pertain to me anymore, so don't be like "ZOMG HES SO HYPOCRITICAL" and shit like that. Just read them for the lulz, and yea I was perma-banned from /b/ fuck off. 




(old posts start below, also the newer posts start at the bottom. Shut up, I always just edit one blog post. Im lazy) 


no one uses away messeges


I like to converse with people over AOL instant messenger. whenever i sign into theres also like 99 damn people with away messeges. I dont see the point of these things. If you dont wanna talk, sign the hell off! no one cares what cleaver messege you came up with. when ever i see my buddy list flooded with these i want to hang myself, and i think alot of people feel the same way. So ass hole stop making people commited suicide, jerks.


I hate Freewebs.


I used to have a site for my band using the free program the web site; offers. it sucks. never go there. you can only have one page and you have to wait a week before you can upload shit. I emailed them regarding how much they suck and they give me a generic email, nice service assholes.



Cheeb's phone sucks.


You dont know him unless you know me, Fox. well anyway, i was talking to him though AIM(look at first article) and he told me that his phone had rang four times. what the hell, people you know hes online cause you can feel you cheeba senses tickling, so why call him. stop calling him when hes online you jerks.


I hate microsoft word.


This program is horable. The only reason people use it is because theres no real alternative. This program would be good if you didint have friggin five thoughsand different buttons on it. i bet you got enough options in that program you could set off a goverment nuke with just word. i have one solution: pencil and paper, yes seems hard but if you can believe it people used to do that!


I found Satan and his girl friend.


I used to watch the show making the band 3. this was a good show, drama, action, adventure and surprises. i saw this guy named Jason pop up like an STD. this dude is satan himself and hes fat from all those toasted souls of the damned. This guys face has i dont know what coverd with it. it could be acne or warts but its concentrated evil. i have a black or kinda toasted one cause thats me. This guys is just so mean i hate him. he got kicked off i jumped for joy when this happend. he made me want to kill myself. Now i cant have anyone named Jason as a friend, thats you ass hole. oh his girlfriends name is Kathyrn, many of you dont know who iam talking about. 



Oh no were all racists!


i was in class the other day being more-kick-ass-than-you and i heard the teacher yell at my friend cheebs which hid phone sucks(look up). i asked some one what happend and aparently he called some one a "jew." Oh no anti-semetic! Its the end of the world. First off i really dont care for any religion cause iam not worshiping someones imaginary friend. I was thinking about what he had said, yes its mean to jewish people but come on. its just an insult and it didint harm anyone there. just because he called this person a "jew" doesnt mean that jews are bad people. what if he called a jew a jew. that would be fine. its like saying "I hate you, you friggin human!" get my point? 


The fat, the overwhelming fat!


I went to my local Shaws super market(C). which the store kicks ass. i saw this woman in a wheelchair cause she was so friggin fat! before i puked my organs out i saw the whole store was filled with these people! what is wrong with this country! holy shit! stop eating! people tell me thing like, "oh its hard to work it off." no its not, stop friggin eating you lard-ass's.


I hate all of you.


Everyone i meet these days or not even mett are the same. This does not apply to Maddox, hes the best, Everyone wheres the same shit. Anything you see on T.V you must wear. Also when i talk on AIM everyone does the LOL or LMAO. shut up no one cares about you happyness. i hate away messeges (look at first article). If your not like someone else your not cool to them, i hate those people. thats why cheebs is aweosme he doesnt care what you think of him which is awesome unlike all of you. Girls, they think they have style, they dont. iam not complainin 'bout the tight pant get-ups girl wear these dyas but, come on. every girl looks the same. If you wear a carhart sweat shirt i hate you. since every girl looks the same the fat ass's show off there gut(inspired by maddox) which no one wants to see. get a peersonallity woman or date me. either one would work. Plus on AIM if you say like, brb, bbl, away messeges, lol ext, you suck. type right assholes. (if your my friend, no i dont "hate" you come on people lighten up)



Chrismas, easter ect.


this article is inspired by my friend ben. Chrismas is awesome cause you get free shit. other wise its gay. just casue jesus is born(which i have no problem with but i dont belive in him) doesnt mean we need to go frantic and spend hundreds of dollars on each other. chrismas should be like "oh merry chrismas" thats it. parents and people go friggin buts and decerate and shit. chrismass is just a way to benfit stores. mabey like a hand made gift is nice, but no cars, please. easter is gay dont celebrate it. everything jesus did is not worth a frggin holiday ok? he came from the dead i guess, what does eggs have to do with it? what does bunnies (which taste good) have to do with it? Ash wednesday or what ever where you dont eat meat is gay. meat is good. 


Our president is horrible


Our president is horrible. thats all i need to say. 

thanks again ben. 


Your web site is not cool


I got a few comments from my geek friends. they said things like its not built nice or oh you used the blog build your not pro. Ok no one cares about how much flashy shit you have or your looped music which most likely sucks. people come to websites for porn or interesting stuff. people come to my site for articles not any flash junk. so just cause your site looks better than mine its most likely not interesting or have a purpose. 


I found cults.


in my school there are groups of people like everywhere else. i belong to the group with no friends cause iam awesome and no one can compare to me. my band is really the people i trully care about. everyone else doesnt except anybody else. i may seem blackheart which iam but if your not a complete jackass i will be your friend. i dont hang out with people for what they look like. i hang out with people for who they are. theres a group in my school who change when they arent around there cult leader. yes i wont mention her name cause i will get to many comments from you people in her cult. 


Things about me


Alot of you probally dont like me. like oh your so mean or oh you hate me. i am just getting my thoughts out. no i dont hate all of you but yes everything on my site is true. hate is a word that shouldnt be taken to seriously on my site. when i say hate i mean like "i have some strong criticism about you." so no iam not a complete ass hole but alot of you suck and i dont like you. My heart isnt as black as a lot of people think. but since i tell the truth to girls they dont like me anymore. i want to move but to lazy and i do have some good friends. 


i wanna shoot myself. 


we have a school guidence person. i hate her. yes i have an undieing hatred for her. she comes to our class and blabs on about drugs and yes if you do drugs i hate you and hope you die. but she told us about the bully law. who ever made this should die. she says if you hurt some one you can get arrested for bulying. pussies, its part of being a kid. she says that its all your fault if hurt the kid. what if he had it coming? also this law applies to name calling. WHAT THE HELL! name calling? when she said that i replied with, "I should sue everyone in this school." this law sucks and should be abolished. kids should be beaten so they learn their place. also if you leave a specific person at a lunch table on purpose (even though they could be an assbag) you can be arrested for bullying. this law sucks i hate it. i think we should all beat each other to boycot this law. 


Yes, gay people. 


I dont like you. People say your born gay. you are not born gay this is a choice you make. Its not right either. everyone if born(except herms which is different) liking the opposite sex. not the same. people want to be gay because its in. you all suck for this. what about if you have kids then explain to them, "well iam gay buti still had you because i do like men but hate them." topic!


I love music. i make music for a hobby, lisen to it while i do this, for homework ect. music is put together with basic things; bass guitar singing guitar/strings, drums. quite simple no? well i like death metal black metal rock all that. even though i like that i love classical and pretty much a lot of music. i dislike some though. rap. rap is not music. its a bunch of black people saying something someone else wrote. and country is not music. country sucks. i hate ska, no one lisens to ska. but besides that everything else is ok. you can stop by my band i was talkin to cheebs about music. hes my bass player if you dotnt know. he said he likes the band NIN, i dont. to me they suck. he said, "the lyrics kicks ass!" sorry cheebs but just cause the lyrics are good doesnt mean they are good. 


How people can be stupid(inspired by garret)


Well this wasnt really a topic i thought of so iam just kinda gonna blabble on about people. first off you all morons for using the phrase, "same difference." no say same thing. same difference means nothing it cancells it self out. ok lets say you have a red orange(dont know why) and a red apple. some one says same difference. now the difference between them is that one is a apple and one is a orange. so how the hell is the difference the same? next people think road rage makes them look tough. i was walking down the street minding my own manners when i hear some honking. i decide to stop with my friends and see whats goin on. a guess some dude cut off a chick(awesome) and she replies with(and shes not even driving) "well fuck you, you fuckin prick." to the driver who cut her off. then i look at her along with everyone else because she just made a fool out of her self. so she turns to me and say,"what the fuck are you looking at?" i think to my self "i wonder what i could be lookin at?" now she was ugly so i just pointed and laughed at her. she sucks and should die. so i sent my own gang of private ninjas after her car and they killed her with throwing stars, true story. thats how awesome i am, i have my own elite ninja crew. 




i dont know if any of you have noticed how good cheetos are? there the cheesy snack from heaven. i usally write about stuff i hate, but iam eating cheetos while i am writting this, so i have to spread the joy. i hate vegetarians also. these snacks are the one thing everybody can enjoy. even the lactose intolerant people! cause i doubt there are made with real cheese. hey for the people who have found as much joy in these delicious snacks as much as i, please find there e-mail and thank them. i want to find a number or somethin but iam kinda lazy. and if you find the e-mail, please give me it via what ever. mmmm they taste so good. my drummer likes them more than me i think. i brought a new bag to his house and he ate the whole thing so i ate the whole coffee cake. i hope cheetos(R) will last for ever.


Pepsi sucks.


I like coke. screw all of you. one of my friends is fat(surprise isnt it?)and he has me or cheebs go get him soda. i did this one time and bought coke cause its so much better than pepsi. i came back from the store with a six pack of coke under my arms and he said, "coke, wheres the pepsi?" so i punched him and sent my elite ninja team after him, cause iam awesome. ok, coke came first, pepsi took the same ingredients and added citric acid(compare the ingredients). so pepsi stole the idea and every other idea coke came up with. there was vanilla coke, lime coke, coke c2 ect. pepsi copied all those ideas. recently coke made lime coke(awesome). this morning i saw a gay comercial for pepsi lime. i hate them. drink coke. 



not ninjas->: 




Not shaws again!


Holy shit. I went shopping at shaws again for some cheetos(mmmm) and some cliff bars, which every biker needs. i was walkin around, everything seemed normal. so i went to check out and the lady at the register was a pretty girl, but then i saw it. i looked at what was bagging my groceries and i went into shock. after i got my sight back i saw this lady. she was so big she took up the whole counter thing and she had to stad alittle away from it because she couldnt fit between the paper and plastic raqs. i then couldnt bare it so i looked the other way and still fat people. i turn a 360 degree spin and everywhere there are fat people. What the hell, i think shaws spawns all fat people. next time you go to shaws look around.


The hottest girl in the world


this is about a girl who told me to write about her. her name is L**. i used to hate her alot until i got tired of hating her. she is kinda stupid at sometimes but is acually nice to me. i hate alot of people but she makes my cool list. and yes, she does fit the title of this article. but i or none of friends will ever have any slight chance with her. she and her group-o-people are "to good for us." so i am her friend but not around her friends like sarah, i hope she dies a horrible death. L** is my "girl friend," not rwally just a joke. iam so hott i dont know how she doesnt want me but, what ever. she is very athletic or as i hear from ass-holes, i was on the phone while writing this so it wont be long because iam using one hand to write this. so shes hott and a nice person. 


Is sarcasm a bad thing these days?


i was in my homeroom class and somethin happend today. i was trying to get with this chick, libby. she wont though so i was kinda sad. anyway cheesbs was sittin with us and he said something very sarcastic which i forget what it was. i responded with the chuckle but libby asked, "seriously?" i thought she was also being sarcastic but when i relized she was being serious, i was stunned. i stared at her for like five years and grew a pretty nasty beard in the time i looked at her. i wanted to slap her but then i would have less chances with (though i had none in the begining)her. it was kinda funny because she was so stupid. 


Holy shit, iam awesome.


i was in the mall lookin for crap. i was lookin at all the people walk by me. theres a few kinds of people. theres the fat people of course, FRIGGIN EATING AT BURGER KING! ok if your fat, dont eat fast food. thats when i got the idea for my fast food resturaunt. ok it will serve the tasty fatty food we all love from mcdonalds and KFC. unlike the rest of the fast food places mine will have a cool kind of entrance. before you can open the door you must stand on a scale and type in your age and height. if your to fat you cant come in! thats the best idea ever. then after that idea struck me i went back to looking at people. every guy in there had sandles on and shoped at abacrombie and bitch, or grababootyandpinch. they are all gay and should die.


Posted by xskyfox at 7:56 PM EST
Updated: Saturday, 10 January 2009 8:17 PM EST
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